Energetic Health Event Marketing and Video Promotions

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For the Discovering Your Energetic Health Event, I worked with 6 practitioners, looking to hold a new event at the Woman’s Club of Erie on June 1st 2019. The event brought together practitioners who specialized in integrative modalities including sound healing, energy testing and assessments, restorative yoga, energy medicine yoga, healing art, nutrition and health, and essential oils & aromatherapy.

Promotional Flyer Design

  1. I first created a Flyer to advertise the event:

Disclaimer Design

2. I then created matching Disclaimer Page for participants to sign:

Sign-up Sheet and Order Form Design

3. And Sign-up sheets for the practitioner’s individual sessions for the event. Each Sign-up sheet was customized for each practitioner and their designated session setup. I included a short description of the session, and bio- photo for each expert. I created an art order form for myself (because I had been given the opportunity to sell my art during the event).

Double-Sided Brochure Design

4. I then created a double-sided, full color brochure (which could also act as a business card after the event) including each practitioner, thanking key sponsors and contact information.

Promotional Videos for Social Media Ads

5. On the week leading up to the event, I created short promotional videos for social media ads, introducing each expert who would be involved in the event. I scheduled the posts and shared them on multiple pages/groups. I also created the Facebook Event for this event.

    1. Darcie:

    1. Julie

    1. Cheri

    1. Susie

Interior Photography of the Woman’s Club

6. I photographed a few promotional images for the Woman’s Club of Erie


The event was a great success!