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Artistic Fine Art Portrait Photography

Fine Art Portrait Photography: Portraits that have an edge, speak a message, or communicate something on a deep human level.

Pattern and Texture Photography: The way the light hits the way, the shadows casted by an object out of sight… a few of my favorite things. What am I looking at? How am I looking at it?

Abstract Photography that captures your attention, right from the color. Many times, I experiment with my photography by flipping and creating Rorschach inspired art or create the illusion of movement.

Artistic portrait angles, wilted flowers, haunting portraits, and neglected locations make up only a few of Susie’s poetic fine art photographs.

In 2005, Susie stopped taking funny photos of her friends and began ‘seeing’ for the first time. At first, she saw rust– and lots of it. After that her focus turned to small creatures in nature, followed by reflective portraits. Once she was invited to an abandoned location and her love for urban exploration blossomed. Eventually she saw the vast personalities of plants and landscapes and set up home there. If you were to ask Susie she would tell you “these are a few of” her “favorite things!”

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