Portraits, Headshots, Groups and More

Personal and professional portrait photography for every occasion.

SHDP offers portrait photography services to the Erie, PA region and more. If you are interested in keepsake photography, or business headshots for branding purposes, reach out to Susie today.

Portrait Services offered by SHDP:

  • Classic Portraits
  • Business Portraits and Headshot Photography
  • Photojournalism and Documentary-Style Portraits
  • Fashion photography

Susie Hosterman offers portrait photography that embraces the unique beauty you possess. She enjoys photographing young and old, men and women. What sets her apart from other photographers is her use of the environment to help tell the subject’s story, and her perspective through the lens. Instead of posing her clients, Susie helps them relax in front of the camera, capturing their natural poses and showcasing the beauty that lies within the authenticity. She wants to present you, and your voice… honestly.

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The Portrait Photography Experience

A short behind-the-scenes video of a Portrait Photography session

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