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Susie Hosterman offers Fashion Photography services to the Erie PA region. She has helped local vintage clothing boutiques, Etsy shops, and other small businesses highlight fashion and clothing items for sale. Combining her love for fashion and style with photography has been a dream come true for Susie, and she loves collaborating with other artists to showcase unique finds. If you found an old unique item in the back of closet and are thinking of selling it on eBay, Etsy, or craiglist, let Susie help you out and display your found item with attention to detail. Susie’s background in marketing also gives her an edge when shooting fashion photography, because she understands how to pin-point the important details other customers will be thankful for.

Fashion photography is in Susie’s blood. It combines two loves she has: fashion and photography. Her experience managing a vintage clothing boutique and working various retail jobs at jewelry and department stores has helped develop her eye and understanding for what the market wants to see. Her classic composition skills and unique perspective on lighting and angles gives her fashion photographs presence. She’s staged various photoshoots and worked as the creative director, which interestingly enough, she has found her 10+ years acting on stage to help her envision conceptual and traditional settings that compliment each fashion project’s integrity. She enjoys working with models, fashion designers, and retail establishments.

Pointe Foure Vintage Tea Party Photoshoot

Behind the Scenes of Pointe Foure Vintage Photoshoot

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