Product Photography

Susie Hosterman offer’s product photography and has experience in food, jewelry, realty, and many other products. Susie enjoys photographing products in a variety of authentic settings that help explain the benefits of each project and its applications. Her sophisticated use of surfaces, understanding of reflections, and detailed eye for complimentary textures helps her compose a full description of an item in one shot. She naturally gravitates toward unique items that have quality and craft. Her experience working at jewelry stores, vintage shops, and manufacturing companies has given her a broad understanding of various types of business’s and the unique questions customers want asked.

Below, you will find examples of her most recent product photography projects including:

  • Dog Leashes
  • Manufacturing Projects
  • Food Photography
  • Realty and Interiors
  • Candles
  • Vintage Items
  • Metal Boxes
  • Art and Installations
  • Misc Objects
  • Toys
  • Small Spaces

Dog Leash Session

Metal Manufacturing Items

Food Photography

Realty Photography

Candle Photography

Vintage Items

Metal Boxes

Photographed Art

Misc Objects


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