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Susie offers fine art photography, fine art paintings, and raises awareness on mental health topics.

Susie Hosterman’s Art is Heart.

She does a bunch of stuff. It is a bit overwhelming, actually. And while, ideally this is the place to self-promote– Susie is uninterested in doing so at this time. Perhaps later, on another day, she will put precedence on her story. But on this day, Susie’s priorities remain Family, Well-being, and Health. 

After experiencing discrimination for a body that malfunctions once in a while, Susie has realized the world does not need yet another run-of-the-mill graphic designer. The world needs advocates. People suffer daily, and needlessly so. People are shamed for their sadness, shamed for their disabilities, and in the workforce culture that was built over 50 years ago and remains, for the most part, untouched, those people needlessly suffer in their occupational selections. Why? Who was it that ingrained that to Overcome Adversity means to berate those who are sick and unable (whether temporarily, or permanently) to ‘help’ them do so?

Since when has shame motivated you to repair yourself?


So Susie is here as a guide. She leads you safely to waters where your injuries are honored. Your insecurities are respected. Together, she wants to work with those willing to grow a little– even a small step– towards whatever business goals you have.

Along the way, she will introduce you to other experts who accept you as you are.

But again, that’s just her mission in a nutshell. She’ll be back soon enough to elaborate on these topics, but in the meantime, feel free to explore her website for art, photography, and graphic design she enjoyed creating with healing-focused professionals.

Susie would like to dedicate this website to those she has recently lost, including her Grandmom, Jeanne Malenke, and good friend, Chelsea Counsil. 

Meet Susie Hosterman & Her Art

Learn the story behind a few of Susie’s favorite Acrylic Paintings & Oil Pastel art.

Recent Projects & Art Shows

Have you heard? Susie’s a busy bee. Here are her latest projects, to see what she’s been up to!

Artist Interview with GoErie

Susie’s GoErie Interview about her Art and Inspiration


AWE #HappinessErie Gallery Night Show

Three of Susie’s fine art photography prints were accepted into the AWE Gallery Show on Gallery Night in Erie PA, April 26th.


Discovering Your Energetic Health Event Marketing at the Woman’s Club of Erie

From promotional flyer design, daily videos for social media post (to stay top of mind!), brochures, disclaimer & sign-up sheet designs… and interior photography…

The Healing Burnout Book for Disabled Graphic Designers who were Pregnant during a Global Pandemic

A Satire, based on a rejected Client project because they went on to steal Susie’s design work after refusing to send a contract to use the work.

Who knows? Perhaps one day she will write this book. But for now, she is feeling inspired and rubbed the wrong way. So enjoy this hilarious cover version of Patterson Library in Wesleyville, NY ebook, originally curated by Nancy Nixon Ensign and Richard Scepura. 

Marketing & Design Services for Small Businesses


Logo Design

Promotional Items

Marketing, Logo design, branding, rebranding, content creation,

and website design services for your business.

Need a new website? Maybe you’d like to update and freshen up your business card look? Susie has helped many boutiques and small businesses get their name out into the world. After a simple– yet thorough– initial first meeting, she pin-points your most valuable and logical marketing outlets and work closely with you to design a visual voice that best suits your company. Because of her wide artistic interests and skills, she is able to pull from many areas to create cohesive design and marketing material for your business. Whether you’re looking for a logo design, full branding or rebranding, content creation, or website design, Susie provides the professional services you’ve been looking for.

With over 17 years of experience, her main services include logo & branding design, website design, product & portrait photography, video, content writing, social media marketing, training & consultations, and fine-art paintings. Susie is able to showcase your brand with pizazz (yes, pizazz!). As a perpetual child of service, Susie articulates each client’s unique message through authentic branding and content that impacts their appropriate target audiences in positive ways. For this reason, she especially enjoys working with budding entrepreneurs. artists, and non-profits.

I worked with Susie on the logo design for my brand new business. She was super helpful in the process of honing in my message, my value proposition, and fleshing out what I wanted my logo to represent. I am very pleased with the final outcome, and enjoyed being part of the creative process, as we refined and tweaked, bouncing ideas off of each other, and Susie, ultimately going from a rough draft to a professional computer graphic. I could not be happier with the experience and the logo itself.

Friendly and receptive, I can tell that Susie enjoys doing this kind of work, deep in her heart!

Tess Frawley

Business Owner, Eat Your Yard

Learn to independently update

your own website

Susie enjoys giving clients website training to empower them with the tools to confidently create their own website content with ease. Marketing trends and algorithms change in an instant, meaning having the independence and confidence to edit your own website– at any time– is a must these days! Susie not only trains clients about website design and updating blog posts, but she also goes above and beyond to educate about all content creation and marketing strategies to enhance each student’s marketing plan.

Susie meets both in-person (at coffee shops, at your place, etc) and also offers online training options via Zoom or Skype.

Set up a website training session today!

Clients & Industries Susie Has Served

Local Erie PA Businesses:

Real Estate Companies

Clothing Shops & Boutiques

Manufacturing Companies


Creative Professionals:

Product Designers & eCommerce

Photography Studios

Illustrators & Fine Artists

Fashion Stylists

Healing Arts:

Yoga and Meditation Studios

Alternative Medicine Practitioners


Life Coaches

I am grateful to have found Susie and would follow her to the ends of the Earth. It’s rare to find such a right-brained-left-brained combination in one fiercely generous and grounded human being.  Susie can do it all.
Carla Fleming- Design Client

Certified High Performance Coach