Punk Rock Band Website Design & Supportive Material

The goal of this website design was to showcase Aria and the Voiceless (a local Erie, PA punk rock band) as a force with a voice. By providing the band with extensive coverage during live performances, band practices, and behind-the-scenes shenanigans, I hope to capture the attention of various venue and festival owners who are looking to book experienced bands. The band is preparing for their first professional recording session in TN next year, so the year leading up to this experience is a great time to create a broad PR kit for future marketing purposes. Needless to say, I was happy to oblige!

Features and Services Provided:

  • photography (behind the scenes, live performances)
  • video services ( music videos and behind the scene)
  • e-commerce (online store to sell their merch)
  • product photography (of their merch)
  • graphic design (website headings, complete website design)
  • Merch logo design (for t-shirts)
  • Marketing and website design education & training


T-Shirt Logo Design and Merchandise Photos for Online Shop

Using the original Logo Design for Aria and the Voiceless, I recomposed a new logo to be used on the band’s first T-shirt design. They printed both limited edition Red Ink on Black T-shirts and White on Black T-shirts, in men and women’s cut. The T-shirts were printed by local screenprinting shop- DuceTwo Custom Design in Erie PA. Within just 2 weeks, the limited edition t-shirts sold out– even before the site could officially launch.

Online Shop Details

To enhance the band’s online shop, I include real-life photos of fans/supporters wearing the band’s designs (including the band MadClock and one of the DanFest facilitators & amateur recording studio owner- Brian Gloskey). My goal is to include as many fan photos and supporters as possible, to promote more community and show appreciation for the support.



I shoot both Live Performance and Behind-the-Scenes footage of the band, to share on social media platforms, helping the band stay top-of-mind.


Photos I have captured include images taken during live performances, band practices, and recording sessions. The more settings the band is shown in, the more opportunities they can potentially get, showing their experince in various kinds of venues.