Social Media Projects #1

Sample Cloud 9 Social Media Projects

Objective: Engage community and inform about the goings-on at Cloud 9 establishment.

Creation: Photography and Implementation by Susie Hosterman

(Above) Example of typical weekend feature post (shot from above in natural lighting) as well as a usual response to positive comments. I sample the food in order to better respond to the customer’s potential questions online.

(Above) Trained team member (Becca) on how to post social media. Objective was to highlight the patio eating space to public. Boosted post $5.

(Above) Trained team member (Becca- also model) on how to post social media. Engage customers by using model to draw in interest. Boosted post $5.

(Above) Reached out to a reviewer on TripAdvisor, who has reviewed Cloud 9 a few times and asked to highlight their kind words on Cloud9’s newsfeed. Objective was to show regular customers we appreciate their business, as well as shamelessly using an adorable dog to attract engagement.

(Above) After running monthly paid ads for the Sunday Brunch Buffet, I recommended using the free event feature, which was shown to be more shareable and readily available content than posts/ads. Response was excellent and we created a new event weekly, keeping Cloud 9 top-of-mind, for many months and tracked the interest.

(Above) When other business’s showcased Cloud 9, I thoroughly research the material and create a plan to best show our appreciation, as well as gather more impressions.


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March 17, 2018