Should I? Or shouldn't I? Can I peek first?

Should I? Or shouldn’t I? Can I peek first?

No one said life was easy

Actually, I’m pretty sure the majority of those you ask say it’s pretty. Damn. Difficult. We are bombarded with decisions to make. Some are tiny, fleeting; one’s you don’t even really feel like you need to waste time distinguishing from subconscious motions. Others are pounding you in the skull, demanding every last ounce of your concentration and effort.

I use my art as a way to work through these problems. Recently, a big, life-altering choice came my way. Should I stay, or should I (metaphorically) go?

A job offer! A job offer? Right as I begin my journey as a small-business owner?

Do I see this opportunity, acknowledge it and then proceed with the way I was already heading in my life? Or do I jump on this, throw myself into a new journey?

I mean, it’s all the same journey: Mine. How will I write my story?

For now I don’t know. But I do know one thing:

I gotta create. I need to self-reflect, possibly a pros and cons list, definitely some emotional action painting, and perhaps a song on the ole’ uke.

And yes- windows.

If I can take a peek, glimpse through the stain-glass, perhaps I can get a better idea of what’s beyond that door without flinging it wide open, walking through, and having it shut behind me. I mean, what if it locks on the close? What if I can never go back?

What if.

And when does questioning your next move become too analytical? At what moment do you lose the bigger picture, nit-picking the fine details of an opportunity?


No one said it was easy.

And hey,

This might not be an “end” with a “new beginning.”

This may just be a sliding door. Maybe I leave it slightly open, big enough for the cat to get in and out? Maybe I can do both. Maybe this opportunity is just another step to lead me to being a better business owner? Maybe I learn the ins and outs of a successful business, build my financial independence, and meanwhile meet more amazing people along the way?



I guess we’ll see