Picturesque Salon & Boutique New Website and More!

A Website, designed by Susie Hosterman…. in just 5 hours!

Picturesque Salon and Boutique is a local bridal salon, which offers hair and makeup services, as well as sells vintage and contemporary wedding gowns, jewelry, accessories and more. They needed a new website which would showcase their strengths in bridal hair and makeup styles. Beyond the website, Susie also photographed a Bridal Transformation, and photographed the vintage wedding gowns sold at the shop.

Look below to see the portfolio of work– including a video promo made very recently (and which Susie models as an impromptu groom – decked out in high-quality menswear from Isaac Bakers.

Website Design BEFORE

Before Picturesque’s new website, the design was bland and rushed and had an air of “I’ll get to this when I have time!” – which is understandable, for how busy the business is. The brand aesthetic was already in place which helped the website-in-a-day process go by very smoothly.

Landing Page

Like many busy business owners, Picturesque’s owner did not have time to update their website, and tasks were set off to the side until there was time… but there never seemed to be!

Services Page

The Services page was bare bones, offering just enough information to answer potential client’s questions, but lacked pizazz– which the Salon’s personality already embraced.

Contact Page

The website only had 3 top navigation pages (Home, Services, Contact) and they were missing out on opportunities for their beloved bridal clients, before Susie updated the website.

Website Design AFTER

Now that the website is completed, the brand aesthetic is much more apparent and captivating, the mood is set, and it is clear what audience the salon serves.

Landing Page

Now– This updated landing page gives concise, relevant content as soon as the page loads. You know who the business is, who they serve, and also the atmosphere of the salon. This builds trust with the visitors to the website, which feels like a breath of fresh air.

Services Page

The Services page now has more images to show off the results of the services they provide. Clients can know what to expect, and also get inspiration from the before-and-after images provided.

Contact Page

The Contact page was updated to include more imagery, and the Top Navigation was expanded– now with a Gallery (Transformations) and also soon to be launched an SEO enriched Bridal Hair & Makeup page to welcome more of these clients.

Wedding Day Bridal Dresses, all to prepare for the…

Big Day

A video showcasing Picturesque’s Bridal Gown selections, curtesy of Pointe Foure Vintage Boutique.

Boutique Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is a necessity when trying to sell unique clothing and accessories online. Because Picturesque’s owner hopes to encourage more brides to benefit from the hair and makeup services at the salon, she began carrying bridal dresses and formal gowns–finds of Pointe Foure Vintage Boutique.

Photographing a Bride’s Hair & Makeup Transformation

A salon is very rarely slow! On this day, Susie was able to photograph some extra images to help support Picturesque’s new website. The images included closeups of textures and sights one would see in the salon (to set the mood), images of the hair stylists and makeup artists working, and indoor shots of the business.

Fresh New Look

Now, Picturesque has a brand new website, and business is blooming.