Recently, I equipped my business with a brand new negative scanner and my dreams have come true.

Inspired by my mom’s wish to see an old slide of my grandfather as an actual image (“I’ve never seen this before, you just have to look at it through the viewfinder or up towards the light and that’s it!”), I purchased the scanner with the sole intent of surprising her with the image on a large canvas. But for now, Mom, I couldn’t wait to share! I love you! Here’s Granddad 😀


Also among those slides was an artwork, created by my (equally creatively talented) mom. Here is a new digital version:

All of this inspiration sprung from my mom’s vision to create a small Facebook group where anyone related to my great grandmom and grandfather could share old photos with other family members. When given the images to share, I decided to edit and restore all of them to a better condition. (I’ve been having such a fun time doing these, it’s probably my new life calling!)

Here are a few examples:

          erie pa photo restoration


Inspired by all of these restored images, I then decided to FLIP the idea and make my contemporary portraits and distress them to look as if they were from the olden’ days:




It has been a really fun adventure delving into photo restoration again. When I first interned at Reese’s Printshop, age 17 (my first job!) I would often have to retouch images.

So I was getting back to my roots in many ways, not just through restoring my family photos!


If you are interested in learning more about how I can restore your old photos, please reach out to me directly through the website, or via my Facebook business page at: Sooz Designs Facebook .