Susie Hosterman is a professional and passionate freelance photographer living in the Erie area. She works as a Branding Specialist and Commercial Photographer for weCreate Website Design and Marketing, and in the past has interned for the Erie Art Museum and Jennifer Dworek Photography. Her photography has been published nationally, including in Photography Forum’s 28th, 30th, and 32nd Annual College Photography Contest, the cover of “Spring Melt” (A poetry book) and SilverVision by Edinboro University. Susie was a member of AIGA Pittsburgh and served as Secretary her graduating year of college.

Despite studying Graphic Design at Edinboro University, Susie excelled and received state-wide and national attention for her moody and vibrant photography portraits and nature photography. Her decision to study graphic design in college was a necessity because Susie knew she could encompass many of her artistic interests into that one area of study. A multi-passionate woman, Susie says “Her ‘Art’ is Heart” when describing what she “does” in life, meaning because she is interested in photography, video, content writing, painting, collages, mixed media and fashion, she gives her whole heart into whatever project she is working on, regardless of the medium.

Her senior year of college, Susie was granted gallery space in the juried Gmitter Scholarship Exhibition at Edinboro University. She used this opportunity to bring awareness to mental health topics using controversial video, sculpture, book art, and documentary photography. In 2009, she released a documentary titled “Retreat Behind Ribs”, which gathered over 96,000 views on YouTube, and showed a tortured yet honest depiction of the daily life of a recovering anorexic. Her YouTube account went through a new rebranding in 2013, when Susie decided to use her heavily documented recovery process as proof of personal transformation, developing free self-help material for others who are dealing with depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Her ultimate dream is to empower women and men through her art and show them that expression is key to personal love and transformation.

Beyond photography and video, Susie is a classically trained painter with an eye for great composition and vibrant colors. Her favorite mediums include acrylic, watercolor, and oil pastels, though doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty with a bit of black charcoal every now and then. Despite knowing how to depict realistic figures and still life, Susie prefers allowing herself to “go with the flow” and create abstract expressionistic paintings. She is a current member of the Presque Isle Artist Association (PIAA).


She also served as Development Director for the Erie Philharmonic Chorus, and is a an avid musician who sings and plays ukulele. She enjoys writing her own songs and brainstorming musicals in her spare time. When in doubt, she will offer to create a jingle for any business or event. Susie grew up in an extremely musical family, where her mother is a pianist and organist, father a retired music professor and jazz musician, and she and her 3 siblings play multiple instruments, sing, and pursue musical performance in their daily lives. Basically, it’s intheir blood. As a ukulele player, Susie goes by the name: A Serious Artist, because she creates funny (and definitely not serious) music to help lift people’s spirits.

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