Artist, Designer & Photographer

Looking for art and marketing services that truly engage potential customers for your business? Susie offers small business marketing, fine art, and design services to compliment your company’s needs. Her wide range of marketing services include photography, video, content writing, social media management, website design, branding, and painting commissions (to name a few!). Because of her broad skillset, she is a one-woman-shop in regards to creating consistent design and branding needs. Reach out to her today.

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About Susie

Susie is an artist, graphic designer, and family & portrait photographer in Erie PA. Susie Hosterman specializes in family portrait photography, fashion photography, commercial product photography, website design, painting, and other marketing services. She offers free consultations to women entrepreneurs, looking to improve their marketing strategies.


Fine Artist


Graphic Designer


Portrait and Fine Art Photographer

I am grateful to have found Susie and would follow her to the ends of the Earth. It’s rare to find such a right-brained-left-brained combination in one fiercely generous and grounded human being.  Susie can do it all.

Carla Fleming- Design Client

Certified High Performance Coach

Commercial Product Photographer in Erie PA

Fashion photography, food photography, business location photography, jewelry photography, and photographing artwork.

Susie’s commercial product photography services for small businesses have included restaurant and food photography, clothing photography, jewelry photography, craft photography, and photographing art for local artists. She has shot product photography for many kinds of marketing endeavors such as print material and catalogs, online marketing, and e-commerce websites.

Susie also offers companies business location photography. She has worked with real estate agencies as well as general business owners who wish to showcase their location’s highlights. She does both interior and exterior architectural photography.

For larger companies looking for commercial photography services, Susie is available through weCreate Website Design and Marketing and has has an extensive portfolio, specifically of product photography for manufacturing companies.

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Portrait Photographer in Erie PA

Professional business portraits, headshots, band and musician photography, and group portraits for businesses, as well as fine art portraits.

Susie offers captivating portrait photography services to fit each company or individual’s needs. Her photography is used throughout various marketing outlets including website, e-commerce websites, social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and etc), and in printed material such as brochures and business cards.

The portrait photography services she offers includes individual portraits, headshots for business professionals, group staff photography, and fashion photography. She has worked with musicians and local artists, clothing stores, entrepreneurs, and start-up companies to create stunning portraits that highlight the subject’s unique personality.

Susie has a way of making you feel comfortable in front of the camera (which is hard to do for me!) To find an artist you can easily work with and see what unfolds with an open heart is a gift. She has become a great friend in the process! I cannot recommend Susie enough as a designer, photographer, tutor or creative collaborator.

Sarah Bennett

Owner of HouseFlyCo on Etsy

Family Portrait Photographer in Erie PA

Engagement, newborn and baby, and family photography services to keep the memories… well, memorable!

What sets Susie’s family portraits apart from other photographers is her unique ability to embrace and include the background and surrounding environment into the scene. Often, when we look back at family photos, we remark on changes in the environment, “look how new those drapes looked!”, “remember when we had that picture over the couch?” It’s not just the people that change throughout the years. Susie uses her candid and documentary style photographic voice to create memorable family portraits for every family she works with. Having come from a larger family growing up, she knows the absolute blessing it is to bring the whole family together and having just one moment captured for years to come. Susie’s eye for composition and her background in acting and performance art lends itself well to working with large groups, and bringing out the natural happiness families create. Susie has experience with, but is not limited to…

  • Family portrait photography
  • Engagement photography
  • Maternity photography services
  • Newborn and baby photography services


Logo design, full branding, rebranding, content creation, and website design services for your business.

From designing business cards to designing full websites, Susie has helped many boutique and small business’s get their name out into the world. After a simple– yet thorough– initial first meeting, she can pin point your most valuable and logical marketing outlets and work closely with you to design a visual voice that best suits your company. Because of her wide artistic interests and skills, she is able to pull from many areas to create cohesive design and marketing material for your business. Whether you’re looking for a logo design, full branding or rebranding, content creation, or website design, Susie provides the experience you’ve been looking for.

I absolutely love my biz card design. Susie was able to take my vision and make it fit my brand and needs. I felt like she knew exactly what I needed and really listened to me. She’s so friendly and fun to be around– and she makes the design process so fun too!

Jennifer Dworek

Senior Portrait Photographer

Design Services for Small Businesses

Fine Artist in Erie PA

Traditional art including acrylic, oil, and watercolor paintings, ink, and mixed media art.

Susie has been a fine artist since kindergarten. Admittedly, she’s improved since then– and her love for color and composition led her on a journey through realism into abstract expressionism, and out the other end with pure abstract creations. Her affinity for painting swirls and circles began in early high school, where she doodled what looked like eyes and fish. A great fan for symbolism, Susie began incorporating energy healing ideals into her art in 2013 when she passed her Reiki II certification. Susie paints as a form of art therapy, as well as saying “I just can’t NOT!”. She has displayed her art at the Erie Art Museum and is a member of the PIAA (Presque Isle Artist Association). She uploads her latest creations onto her Instagram account at @srhosterman.

Fine Art Photography

Wilted flowers, haunting portraits, and neglected locations make up only a few of Susie’s poetic fine art photography.

In 2005, Susie stopped taking funny photos of her friends and began ‘seeing’ for the first time. At first, she saw rust– and lots of it. After that, it became small creatures in nature, and then reflective portraits of her friends. Once, she was invited to an abandoned location and her love for urban exploration blossomed. And eventually she saw the vast personalities of plants and landscapes and set up her home there. If you were to ask Susie, she would tell you these are a few of her favorite things.

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