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Welcome to SHDP’s packages, prices and process! These 3-P’s give all prospective clients the information they need to feel empowered and secure about what to expect with the development of their next project.

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A little of that, a lot of this:


Packages with reduced pricing for services.

Includes packages for Website Design, Photography, and Digital Marketing

4-Step Process

Why waste any time?

Susie’s full (and simple) 4-step process gives each client all they need to know about the journey ahead in order to create the most efficient timeline for your project.


Original pricing for all of Susie’s services.

From business cards to voice overs. Whatever you’re thinking about– the prices are in here.

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Other Popular Services offered by SHDP:


Website Design

Logo Design

Branding and Rebranding

Digital Marketing


Art Services

Painting Commissions

Fine Art Photography



Design and Marketing

Social Media Management

Business Organization


Private Tutoring

Graphic Design




Fine Art