Susie Hosterman portfolio pieces for

neighborhood artist residency.


A Video series created to promote individuals in the Erie community who strive towards promoting socially-conscious tools, ideas, and inspiration.

2. “Case Study”  Exhibition

In 2012, I had a solo exhibition as a finalist for the Gmitter Scholarship. “Case Study” drew attention to how the medical community viewed patients (consumers) as statistics and explored the detached relationship doctors and patients had between one another. It asked important questions, such as “Are we really just a number?” and “Am I just a diagnosis?”.

The Exhibition included a Video (“Constant: The Experience”), Book Art (“Bodies As Voices”), sculpture (“Self Med Rx”) and large mixed media wall art utilizing graphic design, photography, and thread (“Retreat Behind Ribs”).

3. Three-Photograph Rock Series

Created in anticipation for #HappinessErie Gallery, held at the AWE Gallery in 2019, I photographed rocks that were gathered from the area and created relationships between them, symbolic of the relationships found in Erie.

The Exhibition included a Video (“Constant: The Experience”), Book Art (“Bodies As Voices”), sculpture (“Self Med Rx”) and large mixed media wall art utilizing graphic design, photography, and thread (“Retreat Behind Ribs”).

4. Energy Healing Event

Alongside preparing the marketing material for the Discovering Your Energetic Health Event, held at the Woman’s Club of Erie, I also displayed my abstract paintings and had an interactive community art project available. People who attended the event could sit down and paint during a break they may have between one of their three registered classes. 

5. Biennial Social Justice Poster

In college, I won the Biennial Art Conference’s Social Justice Poster Contest in which I created a poster that spread awareness for the FREED Act– the first comprehensive eating disorder bill to encourage insurance companies to cover eating disorder recovery expenses.

6. CARE – Tread Lightly Poster

A Poster and T-shirt design created to support stopping a tire incinerating plant which would have negative impact on the local community.

7. Recent Logo Designs- (to show style)

Below are a few logo design exmaples I have created within the past few years. They are samples of the design experience I have and can contribute to future community projects.

8. A Selection of Abstract Paintings 

The majority of these paintings are abstract works I have created within the last 5 years. Many include swirls and cell-like imagery and are a result of an intuitive painting method. I like to inspire others to “go with the flow” and allow art to take them wherever it wishes. Because of this methodology, I consider myself a therapuetic painter and avidly encourage others to express themselveses through art as well.

9. Weaving Their Voices: A Tapestry of Women Poster Series

“Weaving Our Voices: A Tapestry of Women” was one of my first introductions to socially-focused events and art. When I was in high school, I was asked to get involved with this porject in Lock Haven, PA (my hometown). I photographed and interviewed girls and women to create a poster for each Voice. This project remains one of my favorites throughout the years, and could develop further into work done here in Erie. Asking people of different decades the same questions reveals so many similarities and helps us appreciate the differences we also share. So thought you may see my amatuerish graphic design skills at this age– the concept of this project and experience I gained is invaluable. 

10. Eating Disorder Recovery Kit

This project began as random resources geared toward helpign those overcome eating disorders. Since I began developing them in 2008, they have now become a “kit” which can save people money and give them access to recovery resources they would otherwise miss. I was involved in the first co.hort form Co.Starter’s program to develop it further, and pitched the idea to the Erie community a few years ago.