Music Video of Live Performance at the Basement Transmissions

“Look what I can do!”

Recently, I partied at Basement Transmissions Toxic Prom (*Til Dawn) on May 18th 2019. My boo– Sean, is the newest Drummer for the band… and with me not working a regular 9-5pm job (and basically doing jobs I find from beautiful people out and about…) I photographed the event for my own funsies.

What came out of it, you may ask?

A Music Video!

(Glad you asked. Thanks.)

So, here I find myself, having loved making this video in just one afternoon… and also remembering “Dang. I’m good at this…” when it comes to video editing and timing. If anyone needs a video made… Imma’ fan!

A few of my favorite parts of the video:

  1. Noah (the bass player’s) yawn… er–scream and guitar player Rich chewing gum next to him.
  2. Aria (the rock chick) holding a death (dead?) stare.
  3. The dancing. Any of the dancing.
  4. My boyfriend (but I might be biased)


Enjoy! And let me know if you need a music video for any reason.


Please support the band at their facebook page:

Aria and the Voiceless