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Susie has experience creating digital marketing and photography content for dog owners, dog product manufacturers, dog leash companies, and more!

For Dog Services

Professional photography, digital marketing, and website design for dog services.

I’m here to help promote your product or service geared toward supporting furry four-legged friends. Call me an influencer. Call me a marketer. Call me your business solutions guide. Trained in marketing, social media management, photography and video I know how to authentically reach viewers and get your message or product talked about. I’m authentic– it’s my ‘thing!’– I tell it like I see it and I know how readers, onlookers and viewers will respond to content. And if I don’t know? I know how to find out using metrics, in-depth reports and prodding questionnaires.

Looking for a way to shine your dog-oriented service? I get it. Trying to appeal to both owner and pooch can be like trying to learn another language… two actually! Every time I buy a toy for my 7-month old German Shepherd Puppy, Sascha I wonder if this will be her favorite… or if I buy yet another leash– promising to be the only one you’ll ever need in existence… I’m hopeful.


I’ve been grateful to help dog-service companies including dog treat manufacturers, services that offer support to families after the loss of a pet, as well as dog owner portraits. There’s a lot of love to be shared in this business!

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Dog Owner Portraits

Professional dog photography and dog owner portraits to celebrate new pups and cherish older dogs

Dogs are so cute. Am I right? And I’m sure your dog is just as cute or at least just as amazing! I’m a recent grad into the dog-owner academy. Meaning– I bought my first puppy, Sascha, a few months ago. Before that I lived off friends who had dogs. meaning, when it was mandatory for me to see a dog (ideally once a week) I would reach out to a friend and dog sit for them.

Now I have my own (and you guessed it, she’s the best!) and I’m experiencing the trials and tribulations of shaping a young furry mind and preparing her for the world. So far so good (I have obedience training… and patience to thank for that). Having never been a mother before, I feel this is an excellent step in eventually bearing young humans.

But I digress. Dogs are fascinating and wonderful beings, and being able to photograph the love between owner and pup is a beautiful gift. Here are a few images that give a glimpse of that love.


Meet My Dogs

Meet Sascha, my German Shepherd Puppy ( and, yes… she has an instagram.) and Willow, our German Shepherd Mix. Keep in touch by following us!

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