Website Lessons

Learn to create, manage and update your own Website

Private Website Lessons

One-on-one website lessons to empower your independence

So many of my client’s crave the freedom to independently update their own personal websites, but no one in the Erie PA area seems to want to teach them how.

Well, I’m glad we’ve met! I enjoy empowering my clients with the know-how to create their own websites, manage a blog, and create content for websites that will really grab their potential customers. I also teach how to implement tracking codes to gather more information about what demographics are flocking to your website, when they’re most active, and what pages seem to grab their attention the most. This information provides valuable data that can help your business grow– and I’m here to show you how.

Weekly Sessions

Each of the 1-time Beginner and Intermediate crash-courses I offer can be extended to reoccur each week. This is especially useful to my clients who love the 1-on-1 attention to really develop a well-rounded website that will lave a lasting impact on viewers. Each week I meet with you, I am able to get a better sense of your business and help you create content and make updates that will best address your specific needs.

Beginner Class

90-minute Session // $60.00

The basics of setting up a website

Learn how to:

  • Pick a Theme or Layout for your website based on your unique business needs
  • Create an appropriate Top Navigation and Menu for your business:
    • one that your customers can easily navigate
    • one that simplifies your content
    • one that features your top offerings
  • Add images and videos to your website pages:
    • what the right file/size/image formats you need to use
  • Create blog posts
  • Add downloadable content for viewers
  • Download relevant plugins that will best support your website goals

(*I offer a discounted rate of $35.00 for a 1-hour training session, if you sign up to meet weekly for at least a month and pay in advance.)

Intermediate Class

90-minute Session // $80.00

Creating website content that impacts customers.

Learn how to:

  • Implement the main SEO tactics for best customer reach
    • Using Tags, keywords, descriptions and more
  • Organize written content (Headings, subtitles, body text) to be better understood and appreciated by viewers
  • Identify your customers thought process when they visit your website and meet their needs
  • Lead customers to take action on buying a product, visiting a certain page, and more
  • Choose appropriate content to share (video, image, icon) for the best return on investment
  • Add Analytics Tracking codes (including Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics) and how to interpret the information

(*I offer a discounted rate of $60.00 for a 1-hour training session, if you sign up to meet weekly for at least a month and pay in advance.)

Curious about learning to build your own website?

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